Damian is featured in the KELVINGROVE ART GALLERY exhibition LOVE PRINT celebrating Glasgow Print Studio’s 50th anniversary 18th Nov-12 March 2023. He was the Featured Artist at Glasgow Print Studio September 2017, with Creatures as Endangered Species, which was very well received with good reviews.

Since Lockdown Damian has also turned to making HOUSE PORTRAITS on commission. So far he has made over 50 for happy Scottish clients. (See Shop for examples) Damian is also currently working on an alphabet book of animals, birds & insects and was recently commissioned for an iphone cover for distribution in the US.

Damian's work is available to purchase from the Glasgow Print Studio, Billcliffe Gallery in Glasgow, UK, Smithy Gallery, Blanefield G63 and the Green Gallery, Buchlyvie, Stirlingshire. Prices range from £100-£500.
Artist's Statement

In representing animals, birds and insects I wish to convey my admiration for Nature.

At home we have two cats, one rescued. They are doted upon! But a creature's lot in this 21st century world is sometimes to be pitied. Today their world is as threatened as ours.

I see in them animal personalities and creature characters. I like my images to be direct, simple, bold and eloquent, reflecting their distinctive habits and habitats, wild or domestic, be it a frog or puffin, crow, horse, jaguar or rooster. I try to do my work in an honest straightforward way. Birds & insects have a freedom we all envy. If we can show animals some respect and love, surely they will respond alike.

Bestiaries go back to medieval times. Artists from Leonardo to Toulouse Lautrec & Saul Steinbery have produced their own bestiaries. I admire Paragon Press's Scottish Bestiary which included prints by Bellany, McLean & Wiszniewski, and an animal book by William Nicholson.

To love animals is a gift we can all share. As George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm: "Four legs good, two legs bad.”
About Damian

Born 1969, Glasgow, Scotland

1987-1990 Edinburgh University
1995-1999 Glasgow School of Art

Damian Henry is an artist printmaker known for his distinctive figurative images of young couples as they go about their everyday life.

"This talented artist's crossings of style and influences from Leger to Picasso to comic strip characters creates an immediately appealing original vision." Bob Buck, former director, The Brooklyn Museum

Graphic works range from small monochrome etchings to large vibrant colourful monotypes. Etchings employ gentle, romantic, detailed imagery - flowers, girls, musicians. In contrast Henry's lino cuts are strong, bold, dramatic.

"Damian Henry's beautiful art is the best way to add vibrancy to a damp day. He seems able to turn his hand to any figure or animal - tiger, horse, dog, cat, giraffe - all being conjured up by his deft skill. He makes it look easy, his people and creatures simple and eloquent, yet these fluent lines are the result of the time-consuming and difficult process of etching acid, aquatint or hacking into wood or lino and then printing. There’s no evidence of the toil involved, they seem effortlessly perfect." - Leyla Sanai, Scottish Art Critic

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